Fernanda Zerbini

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Fernanda Zerbini

Fernanda Zerbini

Once upon a time, there was a shy girl who had the horror of public speaking and thanks to a good supporting actor Nirlei lives an unforgettable experience and learns that everyone can speak in public.

Thus begins a journey full of stages with learning in various technical courses of theater, the Paulista Faculty of Arts with training in performing arts and Getúlio Vargas Faculty with the course Challenge of Learning and Knowledge Management.

In the lectures and courses that ministered so many were the protagonists and their beautiful stories that I found they would give a good book, but how to write a book with more than 40,000 stories?

Although I was not born in Itu, I lived my childhood there and I consider myself at the heart of the city where everything is great. And I can confirm for you that this story is true. I’m not 3 meters tall, but my passion for taking what turned me to other people is GIANT!

Areas of Consulting

  • Culture & Change Initiatives
  • Leadership Development
  • Organization Development & Strategy
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