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Diane Diaz

The Brand Teacher

As Founder and Brand Strategist at The Brand Teacher, a self-proclaimed brand geek, and a 360Reach Certified Personal Brand Strategist and Social Branding Analyst, I started my company because I am on fire for the power of personal branding. I love using my two decades of combined branding and teaching experience to teach professionals and entrepreneurs to define clear, credible, and consistent brands to help them attract their dream jobs or clients and working with companies to align their employees’ brands with the company brand so both can be stronger.

My passion for branding is supported by 15 years working in the corporate world, 9 years of which was spent leading the marketing and branding efforts for two award-winning residential communities. During my time in residential development, I was honored to receive the Marketing Director of the Year 2002 award from the Home Builders Association of Central Florida.

Since leaving residential development I’ve been teaching branding and marketing classes for the past 9 years at Full Sail University. It’s my love of teaching and branding that has me facilitating workshops to teach individuals and teams how to define their personal brands so that they support their individual professional goals and increase brand awareness for their companies.

I truly believe that everyone is capable of so much more than they even realize. And that a clear, credible, and consistent personal brand is just the beginning to unleashing the true potential in your career or business or to building a stronger corporate culture.

Areas of Consulting

  • Personal / Professional Development
  • Personal Brand Strategy
  • Career Change Rebranding