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Christine Kopec

Avante Leadership Group

Avante Leadership Group was founded in 2009 to offer customized Conscious Communication training and business consulting about:

  • Becoming self-aware of one’s preferred communication style & how to bridge differences
  • Improving team dynamics
  • Handling difficult conversations & conflict
  • Managing through clear communication & trust-based conversations
  • Creating organizational cultures that really “speak” to the mission, vision and brand.

We provide assessment services coupled with facilitated workshops, individual assessment debriefs, group assessment debriefs, and individual and team coaching.

Avante’s practical and pragmatic programs generate measurable and sustainable results that improve productivity, performance and profits. Our clients typically have 40 or more employees and come from a variety of industries including technology, aerospace, manufacturing, food, financial services and government.

It IS possible to raise the level of consciousness at work . . . one conversation at a time.

Areas of Consulting

  • Internal Communications
  • Leadership Development
  • Team Building