Amara Emuwa, PhD


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Amara Emuwa, PhD

Organizational Leadership | HRM&OD Consultant | Researcher | Author

Leadership and executive development and consultant with wide-ranging experience in all aspects of human resources and a certified workplace performance coach. I work with business leaders and organizations to help them achieve positive lasting changes in leadership behaviors.

At the individual level, I focus on gaining an understanding and a deep insight of personal motivations and drives that enable change and growth. At the organizational level, I help groups and teams articulate strategic directions and action plans necessary for effective implementation and growth.

With great passion for leading authentically, I work with leaders and teams to embrace authenticity, explore connections aimed at creating inclusive, engaging and high performing work culture.

Areas of Consulting

  • Culture & Change Initiatives
  • Employee Engagement
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Organization Development & Strategy
  • Personal / Professional Development
  • Team Building

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