Wayne Wood

Partner, RevenuePerform.com

Wayne is the founding partner of RevenuePerform.com, an digital strategy agency that drives marketing and sales growth for technology and professional services companies across the globe.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada with offices in London and Kiev, his company provides services built on a fractional deployment of strategy, technology and creative/media programming that generates relevant buyer engagement and sales conversion.

Wayne oversees a team of experienced advisers, content creators and digital talent that provide Interactive. Social. Mobile. Analytics. Content. Knowledge (iSMACK) to emerging technology and global brand leaders. His portfolio of clients includes Oracle, IMAX, Xerox, Bosch, TELUS, UK’s Channel 5, Marvel Worldwide and The Walt Disney Company.

RevenuePerform.com helps leaders transform their businesses from traditional to digital by focusing on audience strategy, brand awareness, technology and talent, intelligent marketing, insight selling and customer loyalty, and ultimately revenue performance results. Wayne also specializes in offering advisory, consultancy and retainer-based marketing initiatives.

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