Theresa Agresta

Founder and Partner, CultureTalk

Theresa Agresta is an expert facilitator who works to further the goals of executives, professionals, and the organizations they lead, using exceptional listening skills to uncover core beliefs and translate them into inspiring visions and effective strategies.

In 2001, Theresa co-founded Allegory Studios. She was instrumental in the refinement of The Allegory System, a strategic process that identifies the unwritten rules of engagement that drive decisions and behaviors in any organization, including the administration of CultureTalk, an online survey tool. This clear understanding of organizational culture, combined with research on industry, economic, regulatory and community impacts, allows Allegory to quickly get to the heart of the matter underlying every important strategic decision.

Through this process, Theresa leads clients in corporations, professional firms, and healthcare organizations into new ways of organizing their services and positioning their accomplishments, helping to shift leaders into new paradigms that will move them into the future. Working as a consultant to architecture firms, she has facilitated community groups, school districts and downtown revitalization organizations toward consensus around common visions and goals.

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