Katherine Thweatt, Ed.D.

Graduate Director and Associate Professor, SUNY Oswego

Katherine Thweatt, Ed.D. is a Graduate Director and Associate Professor at the State University of New York (SUNY) Oswego where she developed and now leads the Strategic Communication Graduate Program and extramural funding for the department. Prior to joining Oswego’s faculty, she was an Associate Professor at SUNY New Paltz and Wesleyan College.

Dr. Thweatt is expert in psychometrics/survey development, organizational assessment, and big data. She oversees the design and testing of CultureTalk’s surveys.

In addition to her academic positions, she has more than a decade of professional experience helping organizations utilize big data to achieve goals. Working for corporations and medical centers, she has designed and implemented research programs. Her expertise and experience includes:

  • Design and implementation of a comprehensive, two-year assessment of the Veterans Affairs National Quality Improvement Program across the United States;
  • Manage research teams, maintain regulatory compliance, create systems to enroll participants, extract necessary data to drive improvements and change;
  • Establishing a clinical quality program for MemberHealth/Universal American including measurement, statistical analysis, systems, policies, procedures and outcomes assessment to measure clinical quality;
  • Extensive self-report and experimental research;
  • Unique and strong skills in needs assessment mapped to action plans translating to predicted outcomes;
  • Aptitude in assembling organizational components necessary to accomplish work-related goals;
  • Culture & Change Initiatives, Leadership Development and Organization Development & Strategy.

Dr. Thweatt is a proven leader who identifies and grows strengths in those she manages. She has published numerous articles and research projects within her multiple areas of expertise. She earned her doctorate at West Virginia University and her BA at the University of Alabama.

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