Bob Kelleher

President and Chief Engagement Officer, The Employee Engagement Group

Bob Kelleher, the president and founder of The Employee Engagement Group, is an award-winning speaker and thought leader on employee engagement, workforce trends and leadership. Regularly featured on national media, including recent appearances on CNBC, CBS Radio, and Fox Radio, Bob is also a frequent writer in many national publications, including Business Week, Fortune, HR Executive, Incentive Magazine, The Boston Globe and Training Magazine, amongst others.

Bob is the best-selling author of Louder Than Words, 10 Practical Employee Engagement Steps…that Drive Results!, the critically acclaimed, Creativeship, An Employee Engagement and Leadership Fable, and Employee Engagement for Dummies.

An in-demand speaker, Bob keynotes conference events around the world on employee engagement, workforce trends, and leadership. He is an organizational effectiveness expert, a certified SDI instructor, trained in DiSC assessments and the designer of the top-rated and certified leadership workshop, Engage! – “Engaging Employees To Drive Results.”

Before his current consulting and speaking work, Bob spent 25 years building award-winning engagement cultures as the chief human capital officer for AECOM and as EVP and COO of ENSR, an international environmental consulting firm.

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