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Denver, CO

September 25-27, 2019


Saratoga Springs, NY

December 4-6, 2019

Become a leader in the culture conversation.

CultureTalk Certification will ground you in an effective, approachable system that allows you to uncover the “unwritten rules of engagement” of any organization and the underlying passions of an individual. You’ll be able to create clear action plans that support strategic initiatives and personal growth.

CultureTalk is easy to learn and remember and powerful to teach and apply.
Certification provides all the tools you’ll need.

CultureTalk Certification can help you:

  • Learn the essential information you need to understand and apply a CultureTalk assessment
  • Learn a human framework that evaluates and connects an organization and the individuals that work there
  • Gain a deeper understanding of Archetypes and organizational culture, and how they influence business success
  • Align universal stories with personal growth
  • Expand your business offerings and profitability with CultureTalk surveys, workshops, and consulting opportunities
  • Produce effective results for your clients quickly
  • Enrich yourself and enhance your credentials
  • Join a professional community of peers that have a vision for impacting positive change

Who Should Attend?

The CultureTalk Certification community is made up of coaches, consultants, HR professionals, agency leaders and more. But, what sets them apart is a knowing that a simpler, more objective approach combined with shared vulnerability makes them effective and successful.

For Marketing, PR, or Communications Practitioners

For Marketing, PR, or Communications Practitioners

  • Gain clear insight into the motivations that drive clients
  • Use valid data to create brands and messages that are inherently more authentic and transparent
  • Be confident that content, artwork, and language are aligned with cultural values
For Coaches, Consultants, or HR Professionals

For Coaches, Consultants, or HR Professionals

  • Quickly understand your client’s strengths, opportunities, and where you can help them initiate a shift
  • Provide in-depth insights to cultural patterns that are actionable, realistic, and easier to understand
  • Lead clients or teams through a process that’s proven to evoke understanding

Working with teens or young adults?

CultureTalk is offering two Impact Award Scholarships in 2019 – one to each in-person Certification class (Denver, CO and Saratoga Springs, NY). If your work involves helping younger generations develop self-awareness and emotional intelligence, and guiding them on a path to intentional choices about their lives and careers, you are eligible to apply for our Impact Award Scholarship. We will announce the award  winners two weeks before each class session.

What to Expect

Our Certification sessions are intimate experiences where your understanding and immediate applications are the highest priority. With that in mind, we keep the sessions small to make sure you get to know everyone in the room and we can build a positive environment for learning.

The two-and-a-half days are broken into a series of presentations, interactive lessons, and live-application activities. By the end of the program, you will have the confidence to lead an engagement that guided by Archetypal understanding.

What you’ll learn:

The certification program is a two-and-a-half day immersive, interactive retreat where you will:

  • Learn how Archetypal behaviors impact individual and organizational effectiveness
  • Practice interpreting the results of CultureTalk surveys
  • Learn how to apply the results to help your clients evolve personally and professionally, create culture shift, engage teams, recruit and retain staff and build authentic brands and communications

What you can do once you’re certified:

  • Use the CultureTalk surveys with your clients
  • Add your logo to surveys and reports
  • Access a dedicated CultureTalk contact
  • Display an electronic certification badge
  • Create a listing on the Certified Partner Page
  • Attend monthly training calls for Certified Partners
  • Access the Partner Portal for advanced training materials and marketing collateral

Your Instructors

The founders of CultureTalk have spent their entire careers evolving leaders, teams, brands and cultures towards authenticity and impact. Expect intelligent conversations, engaging interactions, and meaningful lessons that lead to deep understanding.

Cynthia Forstmann

Cynthia helps organizations articulate their visions and stories through a powerful process that engages teams and builds meaningful brands.
Meet Cynthia

Theresa Agresta

Theresa is an expert facilitator who uses exceptional listening skills to uncover core beliefs and translate them into inspiring visions and effective strategies.
Meet Theresa

Andrea Cotter

From major corporations to single-person startups, Andrea has worked with teams and cultures around the world.
Meet Andrea

I can’t thank you enough for including me in this process… I have always been so in awe of what you are doing and am now on fire about it also!

Anne Dugan

Personal Coach


It was so incredibly valuable and I was blown away by the content and presentation of the material. I look forward to working together in the times to come!

Paige Treen

M3 Placement and Partnership


I just wanted to say how powerful, actionable and well put-together the content was. I’m proud to be certified and to be able to share this framework.


Principal and Chief Connector, Brand Foundations

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