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Gain a deeper understanding of culture, Archetypes, and the CultureTalk survey system!

CultureTalk Certification

CultureTalk offers an end-to-end system for auditing the baseline culture of an organization or team, as well as the personalities of leaders and employees. These audits can be translated into action plans that solve critical challenges – from brand & reputation to recruiting & retention, to team & talent development.

Join an International Community of executive coaches, and HR, OD and brand professionals using the system. Our Certification program provides consultants with in-depth training and exclusive wholesale access to the tools.

Find a CultureTalk Certified Partner

To expand on your CultureTalk Survey results, our Culture Guides are ready to lead you through a series of individual courses that can be customized to your unique organizational needs. Each workshop is stand-alone and includes a presentation or workbook materials and group participation and exercises to support learning. The series can be used entirely in succession, or arranged in the order that works best for your organization.

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