The Agency Behind CultureTalk

In 2001, a marketing firm was born through the collaboration of two sisters. Theresa Agresta brought a background in business communications, Cynthia Forstmann, a passion for psychology and marketing.

allegoryLogoNoStudiosTogether we created Allegory Studios, a partnership with a gift for tapping into the heart of any issue, crafting messages that matter.

In 2003, we met Dr. Carol Pearson, author and academic, who introduced us to the idea of Archetypes in organizations. We became certified to use Pearson’s work and built a process for building brands around Archetypal profiles. What we loved the most was helping clients bring their deepest motivations into the light.


Agresta and Forstmann, 2001

The authenticity of our inside-out approach attracted attention – from heartfelt client referrals, to speaking opportunities, to international awards.

Allegory’s pioneering work in the field of brand storytelling has helped leaders and teams position their offerings, build market share and shift their approach in support of strategic goals. Experiencing the transformations that Archetypal understanding can inspire, we knew we needed to expand our reach.


Agresta, Forstmann and Cotter, 2015

In 2015, Andrea Cotter joined our partnership and together we launched CultureTalk; it is both a culmination of our work with Archetypes and the manifestation of a bigger vision. Exploring the stories that give meaning to our lives and work, we will help individuals and organizations realize their true potential.

The Intersection of Culture and Communications

Today, Allegory’s dynamic team is comprised of cultural explorers, business strategists, brand experts and inbound marketing aficionados. All are expert on integrating Archetypes into your brand and communication programs.

If you already understand that culture is the key to unlocking stories, attracting opportunity and engaging employees, we’d love to collaborate in bringing your vision to life.

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