Mercedes Martin

Mercedes sheds new light on the topics culture shift, human experiences at work, DEI/Sustainability and Global Leadership and Team Development. She navigates uncharted waters by first examining the basic, core human needs: to be seen, heard, and connected.

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Kirsty Innes

As an expert in purposeful marketing, brand and the UK’s only CultureTalk practitioner, I help progressive leaders find and connect with their purpose and align their marketing for outstanding results.

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Claudette Rowley

Claudette Rowley, the principal of Cultural Brilliance, is a change consultant, cultural designer, and executive coach, and the Director of People and Culture at Appli-Tec, a manufacturing company in the adhesives industry.

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Lewis Williams

My just cause is to ensure people have the human and leadership skills to work to their natural best and be a valuable asset to their team – whatever they pursue at work, play or life in general.

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Mike Taylor

Mike is a growth catalyst trained as a scientist and leverages his finance and strategy background to accelerate growth, reverse declines, or create new brands.

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Christopher Stratford

Christopher can address the intercultural challenges from a holistic perspective. His expertise in diagnostic, solution design, delivery & accompaniment, and evaluation provides an end-to-end approach.

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Tom Schin

I’ll work with you to help bring out your employment brand, team brand, personal brand, and/or helping a business take the next step in building their strong, lasting culture, tied to their mission and values.

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Clare Babbage

I aim to give organizations a common language and culture that can drive successful initiatives in innovation, culture and change, mergers and acquisitions, branding, recruitment and retention, leadership development and employee engagement.

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Sarah Birken

Sarah Birken

Strategic Sensemaker

Sarah Birken is Australia’s leading sense maker consultant, serving clients locally and overseas in the US and UK. She specialises in helping leaders and boards cut through complexity, create a beacon in the noise for their business teams and people, and getting buy-in for culture and strategic direction at every level in their organisation.

When people and teams can internalise your organisation’s DNA; it’s strategy and culture – they believe it, embody it, so they think and act upon it naturally with ease. Where people are increasingly working away from the traditional corporate headquarters, it’s especially important that they understand the organisations’ strategic objectives and cultural identity – which leads to an environment where people feel a sense of belonging, inclusion, and contribution towards something meaningful and worthwhile – no matter who or where they are.

Sarah works with businesses who are experiencing complexity in all of its different forms that are preventing them from reaching the success they set out to achieve.

  • Multi-division
  • Multi-location
  • Multi stakeholders
  • Disparate offerings
  • Diverse personalities
  • Cross-functional teams
  • Saturated or emerging markets

Achieving three significant benefits:

  • Clarity: A clear strategy and culture builds the confidence to be bold on purpose, to win your future without losing who you are.
  • Collaboration: With your team buying into your unique culture and direction, they pull together to amplify your innovation and impact.
  • Capitalisation: Make immediate progress on your new way forward and build capacity for accelerated growth beyond the current climate.

For the past 15 years, she has guided and supported CEOs, Directors, HR Managers and Changemakers to bring their organisations’ strategy and culture to life through clarity, understanding, buy-in, adoption and action.

Areas of Consulting

Hilary Blair

Hilary builds interactive executive sessions aimed at understanding and shaping executive presence, improving public speaking and presentation skills, and being an authentic leader who welcomes a chorus of voices on a team.

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