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DisruptHR was founded in 2013 in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is built on the belief that the way businesses approach people and talent needs to change. They believe all business leaders (not just HR) need to take some risks in order to compete in the global marketplace. Today, there are 155 licensed communities in 35 countries around the world organizing DisruptHR events. The format for the events is build around giving 10 or more speakers, 5 minutes each to teach something that energizes and empowers.

“This would take off in Brazil,” thought Fabiana Nardi, a Denver-based HR consultant and CultureTalk Certified Partner, so she applied for a license. She was right. Her first DisruptHR São Paulo event in April 2018 attracted an audience of 180. A little over a year later, she was running the third DisruptHR São Paulo with 230 attendees and sold out sponsorships.

Fabiana was delighted when CultureTalk Partner, Fernanda Zerbini applied to speak at the June 2019 event. Fernanda describes herself as the ‘shy girl’ who learned to take the stage. Today uses storytelling to help others enhance their presentation techniques and offers a one-woman performance of the 12 Archetypes. She lectures and leads workshops on personal and corporate communication.

Are we innovators? Or are we just following the innovation trend? Are Creator and Explorer Cultures a Fad or Authentic?

At her DisruptHR talk, Fernanda explores the workplace priority of innovation and the push to hire and promote only those individuals seen as creative. While she recognizes that certain Archetypes like the Creator and the Explorer are known for their imagination and curiosity, she challenges leaders to expand their ideas about what it takes to cultivate and support innovation.

In her 5-minute talk, she profiled all 12 Archetypes, offering a quick glimpse into the diversity of perspectives each these different personality types bring to a team. Fernanda’s talk made a mark on the audience. By audience poll, she and two other presenters won the Battle of the Speakers!

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