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Each of our CultureTalk Certified Partners is delivering on the potential of Archetypes and culture in unique ways. We recently sat down with Anne Dugan, a certified partner and independent consultant and executive national vice president with Arbonne International, to learn about her personal journey with Archetypes and how she’s using the CultureTalk system to help others like her.

Q. What’s your background and what kind of work do you do in the world?

A. I have a pretty multi-faceted background. By training, I’m a professional opera singer and music educator. I spent several years teaching in public school and private lessons. About 14 years ago, I started a business with Arbonne International and am now an executive national vice president. In my Arbonne role, I work with a lot of entrepreneurs – from business training to leadership coaching – to help them clarify what they’re doing and what they want to create in the world.

Q. We’ve heard you also have an interesting personal passion. Can you tell us a little about it?

A. Yes – I’m very passionate about the work that I do with Sister Cities Girlchoir, an inner-city girls choir in Camden, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, Maryland. I teach middle school girls how to sing together, empowering them to grow, build community and go change the communities they live in as well!

Q. It sounds like helping people discover their passions is a theme in your work – whether it’s adults in business or children learning how to find their own voices and navigate relationships. With this background, what attracted you to the CultureTalk Certification?

A. The nature of my Arbonne business is that anyone is a prospect. Thus, I’ve been on a journey to really hone-in on the value I can bring. I was excited by CultureTalk because I saw it as a tool to help me clarify who I am and the way I show up. With the framework, I can strengthen the way I talk about myself and my business with people. It turned my varied kind of haphazard journey into a thoughtful, strategic path.

Q. What were some of the key takeaways you had from the two-day certification program? Were there any big ‘ah-has’ that stuck with you?

A. Yes! It was a really, really powerful experience. I was impressed right away with how accessible and immediately valuable the Archetypes are. As we learned how they apply in work and in life, I just sat back and said, “Oh, my gosh! It’s no wonder. This makes so much sense.” Then, being in a room with other people who were having the same ‘ah-ha’ and talking through their discoveries was really thrilling.

Another big takeaway was learning that I’m not just one Archetype. Understanding how my primary Archetypes work together to define the bigger picture of who I am and how I help people was really moving. I couldn’t wait to turn it around and use it to help other people! Especially my Arbonne business partners.

Q. Wow! So, were you able to quickly use CultureTalk in your coaching in training?

A. Absolutely! 100% right away. Walking out of the session I had immediate clarity about how to position myself. Then, within a few weeks, I was guiding people through the exact same process. It was exciting to be a resource for others to experience the same enlightenment.

The amazing part is that CultureTalk not only gave me a set of tools to help people, but it actually helps me help them. By understanding their Archetypes, I’m much more effective as a coach. I have a more authentic view of how they behave in business, the goals they set, the lens they have on life.

But be prepared! Because CultureTalk has so many incredible applications it spills into all elements of your life. In my choir volunteer work, I’m able to look at each of the choir girls as a Creator, a Magician, or another Archetype and have a deeper appreciation for the dynamics we all face as we try to work together. I’m even using it with my husband and my three kids!

Q. Have you used other tools in your coaching business? How does CultureTalk compare?

A. Personal development is something people get excited about in my industry. Thus, I’ve read every book, seen tons of speakers, and done all different kinds of workshops. There is a lot of valuable information out there. But, what I love about CultureTalk is the simplicity of it. The Archetypes are immediately understandable. There is almost no time between reading the description, or even just hearing the names “Hero” or “Magician” and being able to bring more awareness to your work.

Another key difference is that CultureTalk has room for flexibility. You can kind of step out and understand where you’re coming from. Then, because you understand yourself, shift away from your own behaviors instead of saying, “I’m an X pattern. I can only behave this way or look at the world this way.” The Archetypes and the unique combination of your multiple top patterns gives you a way out of your own box. It’s an empowering tool that grows with you.

Q. Do you have an example of how Archetypal awareness has changed you or someone else?

A. I was coaching a woman last week and she shared that one of her clients is trying to start a business, but is struggling. We talked through some of the woman’s behaviors, characteristics, and other details of her situation. Together, we honed-in on what her Archetype might be. From there, I had a knowledge base that gave us both a new lens to analyze the situation. With that awareness, I could give clearer advice and support.

What I’ve found is that going through the Certification process allowed me to explore all the Archetypes, not just my own. With that breadth of understanding, I’m able to help see and help people from so many new perspectives.

Q. I’ve heard you’re also using CultureTalk in some brand development work. Can you tell us about that?

A. One of the greatest aspects of being involved with Arbonne is that anyone can start a business with them. However, one of the greatest struggles is defining your brand within the Arbonne brand. The CultureTalk tools give me the personality behind the brand, the real answer to, “Who am I?”

For example, my top Archetypes are Caregiver, Magician, and Creator. I’ve translated that into a personal positioning statement that capitalizes on the unique characteristics of each Archetype, “I inspire empowered transformation in others.” I’m now taking this same process and coaching others to find their unique pattern. Even though we’re building businesses within the same company, we’re individuals and we all have different personal brands.

Q. Do you have any other comments on CultureTalk or words of advice for anyone considering Certification?

A. Truthfully, I’m on fire about CultureTalk! It’s got me totally jazzed about what I can do next with my business and team. I’m actively using it to educate people about their own Archetypes and leading my team toward understanding how each of our personal Archetypes plays a role in defining the unique footprint of our whole business.

On the certification itself, I cannot recommend it enough! I appreciated the intimate experience and small learning groups because it gave everyone a chance to practice what they learned and have their questions answered. I continue to be impressed with all of the continued support and content that’s made available to us and I can’t wait to see what comes next!

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