Q&A: CultureTalk Certified Partner JP Laqueur Opens Doors with Archetypes

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culturetalk certified partner uses Archetypes for brandingThe CultureTalk Certified Partners are leading important conversations with their clients and companies across the country. As brand architects, culture strategists, coaches and HR professionals — they’re delivering on the diverse potential of Archetypes and culture. To learn more about how CultureTalk Certified Partners are using our Archetype tools in their work, we caught up with JP Laqueur from BrandFoundations.

Q. Help us introduce you and BrandFoundations — who are you and what do you do?

A. “I’m a partner at BrandFoundations, a strategic advisory firm that helps companies maximize valuation by strengthening their greatest intangible assets: their brand and culture. As a hands-on, intimate practice, we’re able to dig deeper and really specialize in the ‘foundations’ of your brand, making sure the values, messages, and strategies are strong and authentic. We’re experts in the B2B realm and often work alongside the C-Suite of mid-market technology companies that are facing change or engaging in M&A activities. We also just recently ‘graduated’ from the CultureTalk Certification Program and are pretty jazzed about how that’s enriching our projects.”

Q. What brought you to CultureTalk and why did you choose to take part in the Certification Program?

A. “I was preparing for a webinar last year on storytelling and was doing research on Archetypes. I stumbled upon CultureTalk and immediately said, “Wow, this could be a really powerful addition to our toolset!” Over the years, we’ve used a lot of different surveys and systems to try to understand a client’s culture but none of them had a clear framework for how to unite the results with branding. CultureTalk, being grounded in the Archetypes, was a different approach. Even better, it offers specific, measured data so we can confidently give a client a validated response to the nebulous question, “What is our culture?”

Q. As a Certified Partner, how are you using the CultureTalk tools?

A. “First, it’s a fantastic door opener. Our clients, particularly those in the technology industry, have all been through branding at some point in their careers and expect it all to be the ‘same old story.’ But, when we kick-start the engagement with a conversation about Archetypes, the entire tone shifts. It’s a game-changer. I just did a presentation last week to deliver the results of a client’s CultureTalk for Organizations Survey and their comment was, “This is exceptional! I’ve never seen anything like this.”

The CultureTalk for Organizations Survey was an easy value-add to our brand process. But, what’s really exciting is that we’re framing out a way to use Archetypes for another element of our work, competitive analysis. When you look across a competitor landscape, we often find a lot of similarities that are really devoid of any true meaning. Now, with Archetypes, we have a simple, effective way to assess competitors. For example, we’re working with someone now and realized that all their competitors’ messaging is following a Ruler Archetype storyline. So, now we’re asking ourselves if there is an opportunity to shift the client’s positioning to that of a Revolutionary or a Creator narrative?”

culturetalk archetypes for brand developmentQ. What are some of the specific applications you’re finding for CultureTalk in brand development?

A. “When we put everything through the ‘filter’ of the Archetypes, our brand narratives are much tighter and authentic. And, because the Archetypes themselves are so easy to relate to, we’re able to define a brand’s tone/voice and personality for the client in a more effective way. Tactics-wise, we’re finding that the Archetypes are also enhancing our ability to separate internal culture from the external brand. And, as we move forward using Archetypes for competitive analysis, we’re able to put one brand against another and help our client truly differentiate in a market where it’s hard to stand out.”

Q. What would you say to someone who is considering becoming a CultureTalk Certified Partner?

A. “CultureTalk is an intuitive, easy-to-use framework. The training was intimate, hands-on, and powerful. The content was impressive and I’m enjoying the new, personal connections I have with fellow Certified Partners and the CultureTalk founders as I work through implementing the surveys and tools in my business. But truly, it comes down to the fact that our clients are loving it! We’re bringing an exciting new angle to the table and that, for us, is priceless.”

culturetalk certified partner uses Archetypes for brandingYou can read more about JP’s continued work with Archetypes on his website, or in some of his recent blogs:

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Curious how you could expand or enhance your service offerings with CultureTalk? Check out our upcoming dates for in-person training and become a Certified Partner. Want to meet other Certified Partners? Read their profiles and see what’s possible with the power of Archetypes.

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