The CultureTalk Certification: Your Questions, Answered

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Coaches and consultants, marketers, agency leaders, and more – your clients are asking about culture…here’s your answer. The CultureTalk Certification is a fantastic opportunity for picking up the culture conversation that’s increasingly relevant to our modern workplaces.

From Forbes and the New York Times to the Harvard Business Review and GlassDoor, there is endless evidence and support for investing in organizational culture. It changes recruiting, employee engagement, branding, builds successful leaders and improves the lives of workers all around the world.

But, each culture conversation needs a flag bearer, someone to bring the right tools and education to the table. What can you do to join? We’ve pulled together our most frequently asked questions about the CultureTalk Certification program to help!

What is the CultureTalk Certification?

The CultureTalk Certification is your gateway to the CultureTalk Survey System. Certified professionals are able to:

  • Use the CultureTalk surveys with their clients
  • Access a dedicated CultureTalk contact
  • Display an electronic certification badge
  • Be listed on the CultureTalk website
  • Add their logo to surveys and reports
  • Engage with the CultureTalk community of trained professionals
  • Receive advanced training materials and marketing collateral

How do I get certified?

Cultural explorers interested in becoming certified are asked to purchase a seat in one of our two-day immersive training sessions. The sessions are an intimate experience where your understanding and immediate applications are the highest priority. We keep sessions small so you get to know everyone in the room and we can build a positive environment for learning.

The two days are broken into a series of presentations, interactive lessons, and live-application activities. By the end of the program, you’ll have an effective, approachable system that allows you to uncover the “unwritten rules of engagement” of any organization.

Our schedule of sessions is always updating so check our Certification page for new announcements. 

What will I learn?

  • How Archetypal behaviors impact individual and organizational effectiveness both internally and externally
  • How to interpret the results of CultureTalk surveys
  • How to apply the results to help your clients create culture shift, engage teams, recruit and retain staff and build authentic brands and communications

How will it help me?

  • Learn the essential information you need to understand and apply a CultureTalk assessment
  • Learn a common framework that evaluates and connects an organization and the individuals that work there
  • Gain a deeper understanding of Archetypes and organizational culture, and how they influence business success
  • Expand your business offerings and profitability with CultureTalk surveys, workshops, and consulting opportunities
  • Produce effective results for your clients quickly
  • Enrich yourself and enhance your credentials
  • Join a professional community of peers that have a vision for impacting positive change

The Certification is especially helpful for coaches, consultants and HR professionals as they’re able to:

  • Quickly understand your client’s strengths, opportunities, and where you can help them initiate a shift
  • Provide in-depth insights to cultural patterns that are actionable, realistic, and easier to understand
  • Lead clients or teams through a process that’s proven to evoke understanding

And marketing and agency professionals have great experience with the program because they can:

  • Gain clear insight into the motivations that drive clients
  • Use valid data to create brands and messages that are inherently more authentic and transparent
  • Be confident that content, artwork, and language are aligned with cultural values

Who should attend?

The CultureTalk Certification community is made up of coaches, consultants, HR professionals, agency leaders and more. But, what sets them apart is a knowing that a simpler, more objective approach combined with shared vulnerability makes them effective and successful.

How do I sign up?!

Visit our Certification page to view upcoming sessions and reserve your seat! If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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