Stephen Colbert: Laughter is the Jester’s Medicine

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In the surprising turn this year’s election has taken, the Jester Archetype’s humor is a welcomed break from reality. Turning a challenging situation into something laughable and lighthearted can make tough times a little more palatable.

There is no Jester quite as clever and downright funny as Stephen Colbert. Don’t get us wrong though, he has had his own dark moments where the sarcasm wasn’t well received or perhaps went too far.

Jester Helps Us Adapt to Challenging Times

A Jester lives in the moment, may tend to overuse sarcasm, glows with positivity and lightheartedness, is obviously a fan of humor (hopefully the kind you like), and may suffer from an inability or unwillingness to be serious.

Stephen Colbert takes his own twist on the Jester Archetype and isn’t so much unwilling to be serious as he is persistent in pointing out the absurdity of situations in our political and social realm by making us laugh about it.

Take his commentary on the claim many Americans have made that they’ll be moving to Canada in a Trump America. You can clearly hear his opinions on the 2016 Presidential Election in this clip, but more importantly, all perspectives can get a laugh out of his honest and clever take on this serious time. Colbert seems to know as a Jester that laughter really is the best medicine, check out his “Don’t Move to Canada Just Yet” segment:

Watch “Don’t Move to Canada Just Yet”

During the campaign season, Hillary Clinton was accused of pandering to African Americans. Colbert takes a moment to humorously call out this situation too (of course).

Watch “What’s in Hillary’s Purse”

Too Much…Even for a Jester

Stephen Colbert has always seized the opportunity to laugh at politics in America. In 2006 he was invited to perform at the annual White House Correspondents Dinner for President George W. Bush. Though Colbert was only making fun the front row and the then president didn’t seem to find his humor all that entertaining. This is one situation where he clearly acknowledges that his humor and sarcasm can be misunderstood and from that point forward you could say that he started working a little bit harder to be taken seriously or at least to be understood as a comedian first and foremost.

Life is too serious to be taken seriously. – Mike Leonard ”

Watch Oprah Discuss This Turning Point in Colbert’s Career

In a tough situation, a Jester can put people at ease, take a divisive and confusing political season like our recent presidential election and give his audience the space to laugh it out.

People might find the Jester insensitive but for them, it’s their sense of humor that allows them to overcome personal challenges, past hurts, and tension in general. It’s a feat to walk the line between a Jester’s lightheartedness and others’ seriousness.

Mike Leonard said, “Life is too serious to be taken seriously.”

The humor of the Jester Archetype is a gift. We need to laugh especially when we feel stressed or upset. Sometimes laughter is the only thing that offers us relief.

Are you a Jester like Mr. Stephen Colbert? Take our teaser quiz and find out!

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