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Movie Stars the Jester Archetype

Whether you’re a Marvel Comics fan or not you’ve probably heard of the film “Deadpool”! Based on the famous Marvel Comic anti-hero, “Deadpool” tells the story of mercenary Wade Wilson, who after being transformed both positively and negatively by a rogue experiment, becomes his alter ego Deadpool. The film was praised for Ryan Reynolds’s performance as Deadpool, for the action sequences and most notably the overt humor.

The film is far from serious. Even through the gore and action, Reynolds’s performance keeps you laughing. Deadpool’s interactions with his peers and the audience are full of sarcastic and comic quips. While it is entertaining to see Deadpool’s character break the fourth wall and prod sarcastically at the viewing audience it feels somewhat cold and desensitizing to ignore or dismiss the seriousness of his situation or the gruesome combat.

The humor in “Deadpool” is creatively constructed and keeps the audience engaged in the moment through laughter. Though the laughter is enjoyable and fun the audience may simultaneously feel blasé looking at the grim scenes through a comedic lens. Let’s look at the film through the traits of the Jester Archetype. When we think of a “jester”, playfulness, spontaneity and a beaming smile likely come to mind. While the film “Deadpool” is a darker form of humor it encompasses both the gifts and shortcomings of the Jester Archetype. Gifts of the Jester include:

  • A tendency to live in the moment.
  • An ability to adapt to unwanted change with low stress and ease.
  • Skillful humor; Jesters bring laughter to delicate situations to keep people at ease.

But sometimes the gifts of jest have a shadow side with negative outcomes:

  • At times adding humor to serious situations is perceived as insensitive and or callous which can lead to unintentional hurt or anger.
  • The lack of seriousness during stressful times or somber life events can leave others feeling like the Jester is missing depth, that he/she oversimplifies life’s defining experiences.
  • Sarcasm can be fun but overuse of humor can make it challenging for other people to take you seriously or feel that they can reach you on a deeper level.

Watch the official “Deadpool” trailer with the Jester Archetype gifts and shortcomings in mind. You’ll be laughing and wondering if you too are a Jester-like Ryan Reynolds’s character “Deadpool”.

Does the humor in “Deadpool” resonate with your ways of dealing with serious situations? Take our 10-question teaser quiz to find out if you’re a Jester-like Deadpool and share your thoughts in the comments below!

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