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Beyoncé as a Lover Archetype

She’s a mother, an artist, a wife, and an icon of both beauty and feminism. Her lyrics are seductive and romantic as is the way moves and sounds. Beyoncé is not defined by her sexuality or her dedication to her relationships, but she values them as much as she values her relationship with herself.

Queen Bey could easily be viewed through the lens of the Lover Archetype. As a Lover, we see that both in her performances and personal persona she creates memorable experiences through sensuality and connection. The attractiveness her Archetypal character has a universal appeal. She’s situated firmly at the top of mainstream music and continued to have a wider reach.

When we hear the term “lover” we often think of things like passion, sexuality, connection, and relationships. When you look up the term in the dictionary a lover is defined as a “partner in a romantic or sexual relationship” — the other half of a whole. To be defined by the ability or propensity to love something or someone else can strike up a vision of an impassioned experience or it may steer you to imagine the downward spiral of codependence or obsession. There are many sides to a Lover. Let’s take a look at some faces of the Lover Archetype. Lovers believe:

  • Love in all its forms is sacred ground.
  • Openness and passion give you access to trust and authentic connections with others.
  • Individuals are continually renewed by feelings of intimacy with family, friends and romantic partners.

But these beliefs sometimes create negative outcomes:

  • The ability to connect can be a gift, but the high-value Lover’s place on connection can be perceived as jealousy, codependence or obsession.
  • Passionate love is blissful but when relationships or situations come to an end loss is felt deeply.
  • Lovers may fear loneliness and become dependent on others for validation.

Queen Bey embodies the Lover Archetype in her music and her public persona. From “Love on Top” to “Drunk in Love” to elevator altercations her character is rooted in the relationship she shares with her partner and the value she places on that particularly deep connection.

Let’s look “Love on Top” where Beyoncé describes her experience in loving Jay Z as powerful as the sun and the stars, melting her away and keeping her “smiling out from ear to ear”. She acknowledges in the song the fun and joy she gets from loving him and the works she knows it will take. He’s the one that she loves, the one that she needs, the only one she sees.


Watch “Love on Top


After recognizing the fun-loving aspect of her relationship in “Love on Top” Queen Bey gets right into the intoxicating love she feels when she’s near her husband in “Drunk in Love”. She loves Jay Z deeply, wants to work on their relationship and in this song proudly celebrates their physical connection without apology!


Watch “Drunk in Love


Today, Beyoncé’s sixth studio album, Lemonade, a 45-minute visual album brings her connection to the Lover Archetype full circle. Lemonade showcases her deep despair and the pain felt when she was betrayed by her love. Like a true Lover, she felt steamrolled through the repercussions of Jay Z’s infidelity. The uplifting aspect though is her ability to forgive and create a new loving relationship as her own resolution.


Watch the trailer for “Lemonade


Despite getting hurt when giving a trusted relationship her all, forgiveness is a practice that the Lover keeps practicing—because what is love without openness and a willingness to be vulnerable in putting your heart on the line?

What do you think of Beyoncé as an impassioned and forgiving Lover? We want to hear what you think! Share your thoughts in the comments below and while you’re at it take our 10-question teaser quiz to find out if you’re a Lover like Queen Bey!

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