Hillary Clinton: A Ruler Archetype Leader

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Hillary Clinton: A Ruler Archetype Leader

According to an article in Business Insider by Shana Lebowitz, “psychologists say leaders need to strike a balance between two personality traits: warmth and competence.”  The article goes on to say that leaders need to “show that they’re not only experienced and credible but also human and friendly. “

070223_hilary1_vmed_3p.grid-4x2Hillary Clinton certainly has demonstrated competence and political experience. In a career that has spanned more than 5 decades, since her days at Wellesley College and Yale Law School, her resume reflects work as a public activist, a competent attorney, a US Senator and the US Secretary of State. She was also the First Lady to a Governor and a President and in those two roles still remained an activist – often to the chagrin of critics who suggested she should have baked cookies and acted more maternal. She has worked tirelessly on causes for families, children’s welfare and education, healthcare, civil liberties, and global women’s issues.  Her daughter Chelsea is frequently outspoken about how her mother has been a constant role model and positive influence in her life. Yet Hillary struggles to be acknowledged as a friendly and warm human being.

We can compare Hillary’s personality style to the Ruler Archetype. Like Hillary, Rulers are ambitious and often demonstrate experience, leadership skills, and authority. They have the ability to work under stress and balance multiple stakeholders and they understand the value of status and connections. Hillary can count all of these attributes on her resume and she is frequently apologizing for them at the same time. “We’re so accustomed to think of women’s ambition being made manifest in ways that we don’t approve of, that we find it off-putting”, says Clinton.

Ruler Archetype personalities have several shadow behaviors that Hillary shares. She has been alternately compared to characters such as Lady Macbeth, Joan of Arc, Darth Vader and more recently General Leia. Let’s contrast some of the Ruler’s shadow behaviors with what New York Magazine writer Rebecca Traister recently reported of Hillary:

  • On making demands and giving orders: In speaking with Sandy Hook parents – “We have to be as organized and focused as they (the Republicans) are to beat them and undermine them. We are going to be relentless and determined and focused…”
  • On having too many policies and procedures derailing progress:  “Clinton’s holistic view of intersecting challenges and multi-tentacled solutions – tax incentives, subsidies, wage hikes, pay protections – is weirdly thrilling…But it does not fit on a T-Shirt…it’s not as simple as ‘Free College.’”
  • On not always being warmly received after others have failed: “She does not get the benefit of any doubt…she does not enjoy the goodwill that someone like Joe Biden…has earned, which permits him to get out of media-jail time and again.”

hillary-clinton-potus-2016-380x228A Ruler Archetype leader can very well be the person needed to survive tough times with a loyal following. Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln – both hated and beloved at once – brought their nations through horrible wars and threats to humanity. Hillary has the passion and motivation to be a leader of change for the US. While her policies sound complex, they also indicate lots of logical thought about a progressive order to achieve success.  The big question remains whether voting citizens can look beyond the shadows of her past and acknowledge her significant experience and strength.

Where do you fall in the Hillary camp? Do you think it’s time for a Ruler President? We’d love to hear your comments and we welcome you to take our 10-question teaser quiz and see if you might be a Ruler like Hillary.

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