INBOUND 2015 Cultural Archetypes Survey Results

 In Innocent, Magician, Sage, The 12 Archetypes

A Week to Remember

Wow! What an exciting week at INBOUND 2015! We were inspired by Malala’s story, challenged by Seth Godin’s call for creativity, and reminded about our shared human vulnerabilities by Brené Brown. We laughed, we learned and we connected in person to share our ideas about how technology can help us connect across the globe.

Our team spent a lot of time in Club Inbound, shaking hundreds of hands at our CultureTalk booth, where people came by to learn more about organizational culture — how to measure it, how to mold it and how to use archetypal storytelling to communicate, engage and create new realities at work.

All week we were collecting archetypal responses to INBOUND-based scenarios. Such as, “There’s a full day of INBOUND ahead and you wake up ready to roll! With Brené Brown on your mind, you…” Each scenario offered 12 possible responses that aligned with the 12 Archetypes.

While this was a fun, light-hearted version of the CultureTalk Survey System, the results are intriguing!

INBOUND 2015 Cultural Archetypes


Look at you, smarty pants!

As you can see, our unofficial test is showing that INBOUND attendees align most with the Sage Archetype followed by the Magician and the Innocent.

Results shown are out of 316 total responses. Of those 316,  the Sage pulled in 15.82% of the responses and the Magician and Innocent had 13.39% and 11.08% respectively.

INBOUND 2015 Cultural Archetypes Survey Results
INBOUND 2015 Cultural Archetypes Survey Results
INBOUND 2015 Cultural Archetypes Survey Results

What’s this all mean?

You can read more about each Archetype through their individual pages, or you can check out our complete reference guide in the CultureShop. Overall, some of the key characteristics of these three Archetypes that stand out for INBOUND 2015 attendees include:


  • Are passionate about learning and knowledge
  • Seek out best practices, case studies, proven statistics and facts
  • Love to use analytics and data in order to make strategic plans
  • Help us better understand ourselves and our role in the world around us


  • Lead people through insights that transform their perspectives
  • Are gifted in using experiences to persuade people to shift from Point A to Point B
  • Are known for having audacious goals and big visions
  • Inspire people by reminding them that “impossible” is only a state of mind


  • Renew our faith; likely a small escape that refuels our brains and spirits
  • Teach “newbies” how to act in a new environment
  • Attract people who are looking to learn the ropes with step-by-step, proven processes
  • Are trustworthy

Can’t get enough?

INBOUND 2015 was the official launch of the CultureTalk Survey System. The Allegory team has been using Archetypes for over 10 years. Now, the system is available to help groups, organizations and companies align strategies with archetypal patterns.

The Archetypes have helped clients across the hospitality, architecture, financial, healthcare, professional services industries and more to align their visions with their values, their actions with their strengths. The system is ideal in times of change, whether it’s a merger or new management staff, Archetypes help everyone get on the same page quickly.

Ready to get started? Contact a CultureTalk consultant today to begin your Culture Conversation. 

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