How We Stay Inspired, Motivated, and Creative

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How to Stay Inspired, Motivated, and Creative

Did you know that the communications industry hosts some of the most high-stress, frequent burn-out professions? Just behind firefighters and brain surgeons are journalists, public relations practitioners, and marketers.

The pressure to constantly bring new ideas to the table can feel like a fiery dragon chasing you away from the castle. But, committed to building a culture that supports each other, the Allegory team started sharing our ideas for finding inspiration.

However, we quickly realized that our methods aren’t just for “marketers.” Instead, each idea became a simple tip for remaining “happy and humans” in any stressful environment.

Here’s how the Allegory team stays inspired, motivated, and creative:
Playing or listening to music
Creating or admiring art
Spending time with family
Meditating or finding a quiet place
Learning something new

Andrea Cotter

  • Take a walk and people watch. Keep an eye out for random acts of kindness.
  • Google all of my questions!
  • Pin “a few of my favorite things” on Pinterest
  • Attend book readings to meet and hear from creative people
  • Reading poetry, or simply open a book with a beautiful cover just to read a page or two
  • Any combination of food and conversation!

Anthony Vertucci

  • I read anything and everything I can get my hands.
  • Study history – it’s an ongoing guide of where we’ve been and where we’re going.
  • Play my guitar
  • Volunteer with my church group or for animal causes.
  • Hockey!
  • Take photos of the unseen parts of everyday life.

Jeremy Chapline

  • Work in my letterpress shop.
  • Explore my favorite designer websites like Dribbble.
  • Get outside to go hiking, camping, or snowshoeing.
  • Walk anywhere with my camera in hand.
  • Research, research! I have an appetite for new trends and best practices.

Linda Pelletier

  • Walk and jam out to some oldies.
  • Read anything, especially Quiet Mind.
  • Meditate or take a nap! You can’t think without sleep!
  • Watch Curb Your Enthusiasm or Seinfeld and laugh until I feel completely refreshed.
  • Being at my son’s hockey games. Letting loose and screaming at the top of my lungs!

Julia Ingersoll

  • Travel to new places. Every fresh moment reminds me that my world isn’t the only world.
  • Read historical biographies or fiction and be mesmerized by the human story.
  • Ask a lot of questions and pick a lot of brains. Your experiences help me stay inspired.
  • Sit with my family or lay with my dog…small moments that mean a lot.

Theresa Agresta

  • Move! Dance, ride, ski, or hike to clear my head, my energy, and connect deeply with who I really am.
  • Be with friends and family. They keep me grounded with what is truly important and why I do the work I do.
  • Deeply listen. My best inspiration comes from knowing that I’ve really heard another human being, under the surface.
  • Read – to go to a new world or to grow personally.

Cynthia Forstmann

  • Hike in the Colorado sunshine. It’s like moving meditation.
  • Entertain, cook, and make connections with family or friends who are like family.
  • Take a step outside listening to my favorite pianists: George Winston, Peter Kater, or Michael Whalen.
  • Play piano. After a 30 year hiatus, I’m back to taking lessons and could get lost playing for hours.
  • Kickbox! It really gets my mojo going.

Melissa Corrigan

  • Anything that feeds a love of learning. Lessons on or learning how designers on Behance do what they do.
  • Draw, sketch, and illustrate things that I love (and have nothing to do with work!).
  • Go horseback riding.
  • Pinterest! I must pin all of the things!
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